Turn your home into a power place

Online basic workshop Feng Shui

Can you recognize yourself in the following?

  • Relaxing at home is difficult.
  • You have certain rooms where you don’t feel comfortable or that you prefer to avoid;
  • When you are at home, you usually feel tired while you have more energy out of doors;
  • Not enough opportunities come your way;
  • You feel that you have to make an unreasonable effort to move forward in your life.

These are signals that your house is not energetically balanced.

What would it be like if you:

  • Could be more relaxed at home?
  • Had cozy spaces where you felt good and comfortable?
  • Could sleep better?
  • Could experience more flow and progress in your life?
  • Had more energy?

Do you also long for this?

Then this basic workshop “Turn your home into a power place” is exactly what you are looking for!

What are you going to learn?

  • How to create a supportive environment for more flow and energy.
  • How you can unwind faster at home.
  • How to create spaces where it is pleasant to stay.
  • How to furnish an ideal Feng Shui bedroom for better sleep quality.

In short: you learn in four simple steps how to turn your house into a power place where you can relax, recharge your batteries and where you experience more flow and opportunities in your life.


roze interieur rustgevend
workshop An Sterken Feng Shui

What do others think of this workshop?

  • An brings this tremendously inspiring workshop that you get really hooked on. Eline Cointepas.
  • Just because you can bring your own plan, the information from the course immediately becomes very specific and ready-to-use.
  • An brings the theory so smoothly and in such a calm and self-confident way, incredible! Meanwhile she is also clearly thoroughly knowledgeable and the information she offers is also immediately applicable.
  • This is so beautiful, to-the-point and virtuous and yet so very down-to-earth too. Thank you very much for this fantastic introduction day !!! Gerda.
  • Very enlightening the way this has been taught.
  • It becomes so clear why some things either succeed or dramatically fail.

“I have had more energy since I attended this workshop because of the small changes I have already made to my home.”



We start the group sessions on 7 June 2019.

How does it work?

  • You will receive an online lesson for four weeks in a row, that you can watch at your own pace from behind your PC, laptop or smartphone.
  • You will receive the first lesson in your mailbox. You can then view the lesson right away, or even later in time when it suits you best (so you do not have to sit behind your PC that morning if it doesn’t suit you).
  • Do you have any question about the content of the lessons? Then you can post this on the weekly online Q&A live webinars.
  • So you think you won’t be able to attend class on the days of the Q&A sessions? No worries! You can e-mail your questions in advance. Then I will gladly answer them during the Q&A session. Afterwards you can review the replay of the Q&A session when it suits you best.
  • After these four weeks you will have another 6-week-access to the lessons. In this way you can go through it all again if you wish. In this way you’ll have access to a total of 2.5 months.

This is how you can attend the course

  • at your own pace;
  • wherever you want it;
  • whenever you want it;
  • and your questions will be answered – just like in the live lesson.

Would you like to be there?

Your investment for this online workshop?

Your investment for this online (Dutch) workshop is 197 €. This includes:

  • A syllabus that you can download and print yourself
  • Four online lessons
  • Four Q&A sessions where you can ask questions
  • Afterwards you have six weeks of access to the online workshop
  • 21% VAT (€ 162.81 excl. VAT)

Early booking discount: If you register and pay before 7 June 2019, you pay 169.99 €(incl. VAT – 140.49 € excl. VAT).

For workshops in the English language please contact us.

Would you like to participate and turn your home into a power place in four weeks?

After your registration you will receive all practical details.


Ps I: You can supplement this basic workshop with the Feng Shui Summer School which will take place on 6 and 7 July 2019.

PSII: the tips you get during this workshop are ideal for optimizing your existing home or when you go on a house hunt. The tips are not sufficient if you are planning on designing the layout of a new home or new apartment.

What do you need to attend this online workshop?

  • A floorplan of your current home on scale in A4 format (without a floor plan of your home it will be difficult to attend the lesson). (PS: A full plan for new construction or renovations is not worked out in this initiation workshop).
  • Your birth chart (click here to download it).
  • The direction your house is facing in degrees.  Here you can read how to do this: “Measure in three steps the direction the front of your house is facing.”
  • Writing material and ruler.
  • A laptop, PC or smartphone.
  • Internet connection.

Or would you rather attend this workshop live?

Dat kan!

Op 29 juni 2019 gaat deze workshop live door in Merelbeke (bij Gent).