Water in Feng Shui: what, where and how?

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. Chi – or energy – floats on the wind (feng) and comes to rest where there is water (shui). Water stands for wisdom, communication, intelligence, money and sex. The colors blue and black are associated with the waterelement. The use of real water at home brings flow and change about in your life. On which level? That depends on where you place it. Would you like to have more flow in your life?

Would you like to place a fish tank or an interior fountain in your house? Or do you have already an waterelement? Then read the following tips.

What is a waterfeature?

  • An interior waterelement can be: a fish tank or an interior fountain. Moving water, not still. A vase with flowers is not a waterelement.
  • It is important that the water surface is visible and not covered. A subtropical aquarium with a light box above it therefore lacks its effect. Nor is a fountain with a Buddha statue on it.
  • Make sure that the aquarium or water tank is at least 30 cm wide and deep. The larger the room, the larger the water feature should be. If you don’t notice any effect, go for a larger water feature.
  • The water should flow day and night by using a filter or allowing fish to swim.

How many fish should you keep in the tank?

There is a rule that says that you best keep two goldfish and one black fish in your tank. In bigger tanks seven goldfish and two black ones. But the truth to be said, the number doesn’t matter. The thing is that water should be moving. Swimming fishes produce this effect. In my tank there have been two of them swimming for a year now and it does work.

What kind of fish?

Neither the species nor the color matters, as long as they can swim :-).

Which is the best shape?

The shape doesn’t matter: round, squared, whatever,… What matters is that the upper side should be kept open. So don’t cover it just in case the cat… because it wouldn’t work! Clear water is also important. So change it regularly.

Where do you place the waterfeature?

General good places are the North, the East, the South-East and the Southwest of your home.

If you want more help or attract the right people who can help you, such as the right doctor, clients, new employees, a webmaster, place a waterfeature in your personal Noble Man sector or in the Noble Man sector of your home.

Depending on your goals, you can also put your water-feature in a good sector with good Flying Stars for the year.

In all these cases do always check the Flying Stars in those sectors to avoid activating side-effects (e.g. more discussions, illnesses or losing money).

Take the water away if you notice that your health has worsened or that arguments pop up more often after having placed it. Don’t place any waterfeature if you feel emotionally wrong or depressed.

If you want to be sure where to put your water-feature according to your goals, get a professional Feng Shui consultation or take a course. Get in touch here with us for the possibilities.

Would you like to install a swimming pool or a pond? 

The right location of an exterior waterelement is crucial. Once installed, it can not be easily moved. So get your personal Feng Shui advice first.

Good Luck! And… do feed your fish regularly :-).

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