Flowtastic by An Sterken

For a fantastic flow in your business & life!

Do you feel you could get much more out of your life or business than you’ve been able to do so far?

Do you want to achieve your goals with more energy, flow and balance?

Did you know that certain places, talents, moments and situations feed you more, mentally and physically, than others?

Together with you I will make sure that you learn how to use your moments, talents and locations with flow,  in a fantastic way so that you can achieve your goals in a very specific, hands-on and down-to-earth way with more energy, success and balance.

Do you want a Flowtastic Business, Space and Life?

BaZi Business Boost Traject

Do you want more flow in your business as an entrepreneur?

Flowtastic Work Space

Do you want to create an inspiring home office or workplace where you can experience more flow, focus and concentration?

Would you like more flow in your life?

New in the online Academy

You can now also sign up for the workshop ‘Turn your home into a power place’ online!

Construction or renovation plans?

Do you want to create an inspiring home office or workplace where you can experience more flow, focus and concentration?

About An

An Sterken is the manager of Flowtastic. She provides consulting for entrepreneurs and companies who want to experience more flow in their business, home office or workplace.

In addition, she organizes offline and online training courses for the individuals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to get more out of their professional and personal lives.

What’s her approach like? With Flowtastic, An works with the three pillars Flowtastic Business, Flowtastic Workspace and Flowtastic Life. She helps you with how to better use your talents, locations and moments with flow so you can achieve your goals more successfully and with more balance.

An uses the techniques of Feng Shui, Bazi, date selection and Qi Men Dun Jia that she learned in the countries of origin at the highest levels from the most renowned masters: Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, India, UK and USA. This makes her one of the highest-educated people in her field in Europe.

She translates this knowledge into a practical, to the point and clear way, so you can get more insight in your living and working environment, your personality and your timing, so that you can get the maximum of energy, power and flow from your efforts.

What others say about Flowtastic:

<pstyle=”font-family: Times New Roman, serif;”>Flowtastic is also a recognized service provider for the SME portfolio. This applies to both consultation and training courses.

<pstyle=”font-family: Times New Roman, serif;”>Specifically, this means that as a Flemish entrepreneur you can receive a 40% subsidy with every consultation and training you get from us.

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