Date selection

One day everything comes naturally, you are productive and have a lot of energy. Everything you undertake runs smoothly.

And then you have those days when you just don’t get going, where things go harder, when you have to make more effort to get things done or when you’re having a hard time with yourself. 

Or you feel you have to take it easy, but it is not possible because your agenda is crammed. You end your day with less energy and you feel more frustrated. 

Do you recognize this too?

  • How would it be for you if you knew in advance on which days you were more in flow?
  • What if you knew on which days you should take it easy?
  • And what would it be like to align your planning, your important appointments and activities according to this knowledge?
  • What would this mean for you?

Did you know that you can calculate your flow-rich moments in advance?

Date selection helps you with this.


What is date selection?

Date selection or ZeRi is an Eastern technique where you can select good and less good days. More than 5000 years ago, date selection was used by emperors to make important decisions. The farmers also selected the best dates for sowing and harvesting the fields and traders used this knowledge when doing business to be more successful. Today, many companies – including Apple – are using positive days to launch their new products.



  • You can plan it all in more consciously, taking into account the energy of each day, making it all easier.
  • You are more aware of your own energy flow, which enables you to you retain more energy.
  • You enjoy your moments of rest more because you know that the flow-rich moments will be coming back and that they have already been planned in.
  • You experience more peace, balance and flow.

Do you want to get to know your Flowtastic moments?

I would like to help you, so you can use your moments at which flow is greatest. Book your Business Boost session here.