Two-day yearly update workshop

Some years everything goes smoothly, while others are more difficult.

So, have you ever heard of the power of BaZi, Feng Shui and Timing?

  • Have you ever noticed that you can feel really good one year, and that you have a pleasant year, that your efforts pay off and that your company runs smoothly?
  • And have you also noticed that there are years in which you have to make more efforts to get the same results, and that you feel less comfortable with yourself, and that you have more setbacks and that make you think like “hopefully the year will soon be over…”?

What if you would know this in advance and adjust your activities accordingly? What would this mean to you?

For who?

  • For every ambitious female entrepreneur, coach, trainer, consultant.

  • If you already feel intuitively what you want to do next year and you would like to get some confirmation on this, before working out your plans;

  • If your plans and ideas are not yet completely worked out, when it comes to their timing and launching;

  • If you have no idea on how to deal with 2020, so as to take your business to the next level.

  • If you want to plan your activities, events, workshops, training sessions, launches, appointments and important meetings in a conscious and efficient way in order to be more in tune with your own energy.

  • If you work both from your head and your heart and intuition to make decisions.

  • If you are sensitive to energy and if you want to use the energy in your house or your business in a conscious way, in order to be more productive and focused.

  • For those who are open-minded and consciously want to work on their company with like-minded people.

  • For those who want to get the maximum out of 2020 themselves.

plannen feng shui op tafel

You go home with a lot of inspiration and motivation, immediately applicable tips, clear insights and energy, specific focus points, a Feng Shui plan for 2020, (partly) detailed ideas, a realistic planning and your power days to turn 2020 into a top year !

(No prior knowledge required.)

PS: so you don’t have your own business? Then you can follow the workshop ‘Get the maximum out of 2019’ for private individuals

What others say

  • Thanks in advance for the very inspiring workshop that I was allowed to attend with you. It helps me to keep my focus, to be fast when making the right decisions and to plan my activities favourably. The Lucky Calendar also helps superbly – Marie-Paul Delauw.
  • Very interesting and very well taken care of!
  • Ideal to steam yourself ready for the coming year! Sofie l.
  • Ready, hands-on and directly applicable information about the success places in your home and your personal time-line!
  • A must for everyone!
  • I go home with clear focus points and a schedule that feels right. Top!
  • I have activated all points as you advised, at the right moments and it has a clear positive effect on my work and finances. – Fabienne Geuens.
  • Nice to see that this is a confirmation of my feelings – Karolien Gielen.
  • I had just I placed a vase on my desk with a simple waterpump in it, when I suddenly received a new registration for my workshop! Very nice! Marieke A. – entrepreneur coach – the Netherlands.

Allow yourself and your company two days to prepare for 2020!



26 and 27 November 2019 from 10am to 17pm.


In the beautiful “De Grote Wateringe” (the former Stiltehoeve).

Waterhoek 2 8340 Moerkerke – Damme. Belgium


Do you come from far away or do you want to focus entirely on you and your company?

Then you can also stay in the Grote Wateringe. Here you will find all information about the cost per night.

(You must make room reservations yourself. The price of overnight stays is not included in this workshop).



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