People feel more comfortable in spaces that are well-oriented and well-furnished.

The balance that Feng Shui can make in a building makes businesses commercially more successful. Focus and concentration increase, the atmosphere in the workplace improves, customers feel more at ease and there is more flow in your business.

A Flowtastic Workspace consultation helps you with this.

For who?

  • Entrepreneurs working from home
  • Office spaces for the S of the SME’s (up to +/- 20 employees)
  • Practice spaces for groups and individuals
  • Retail
  • Production environment of factories where a small team works (up to +/- 20 employees)

What are the benefits?


An office or home-office designed according to Feng Shui inspires, provides energy, reduces work stress, increases concentration and focus, resulting in more productivity and thus better results.

Practice rooms

In a practice room designed according to Feng Shui, your customers will feel more quickly comfortable and at ease. They relax more easily so that your treatments or coaching sessions have a deeper effect on them.


Your customers like to stay around longer, and in a more relaxed way, in a shop decorated according to Feng Shui principles. They will find shopping more pleasant and they will feel it all fits in right.

You will experience more flow in your business.

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