The sale of our house went very smoothly

We applied all the advice you gave us to sell our house. The Feng Shui advice, as well as the launch date for the sale, the activations and the right days to host the visits. The sale of our house went very smoothly. We put our house up for sale on the day you advised… Lees meer “The sale of our house went very smoothly”

Our spaces are very pleasant

We always continue according to your plan and it feels right. The spaces are very pleasant and the changes are positive. Especially my practice is fully finished and I feel so good there. It’s a relaxing space and it has a relaxing influence on… Lees meer “Our spaces are very pleasant”

Better night’s sleep and fewer discussions

We have made several adjustments that have led to be better night’s sleep and fewer discussions. Your advice is very clear and easily… Lees meer “Better night’s sleep and fewer discussions”

More energy

From time to time I take a moment to look back at my journey of the past few years. This journey contains 2 pivotal moment and 2 people I am forever grateful… And you are one of them! It was the second tipping point for me and the most important one in my physical recovery!… Lees meer “More energy”