Did you know that the day on which you were born, tells you a lot about yourself as a person?

Your ‘Day Master’ (the element of the day you were born) in essence tells you who you are, how you think, how you comunicate and act. Curious with which element you are born with and what this tells you about how you act as a person? Keen on knowing yourself, your family, your loved ones, friends and colleagues a lot better? Check our BaZi-101-video’s.

What is your Day Master?

Step 1: To learn what your Day Master is, fill in your date of birth and hour of birth (If you don’t know the hour of your birth, you can leave this field blanc).

Step 2: Your Day Master

Your Day Master is in the right column next to your date of birth, on the second row.

Step 3: Watch the video below of your day master, your partner’s, children, friends, colleagues, family etc.

It will help to get to know them a lot better.

(PS I: Can’t relate to your Day Master? in that case it could be possible there are other dominant elements in your card. If for instance, your Day Master is fire and there is a lot of water in your card, it could be you will relate less to your Day Master fire, but you will probably relate more to Water. But for now, please don’t be bothered by this too much. Just watch a lot of Day Masters of the people you know and discover more about there personalities.

(PS II: The other elements in your birthcard tell you more about how you perform at your job, in your relationship and among your friends, how you think, what your aspirations are, where your opportunities lieto move forward in life, what your biggest talents are, etc. In short, they are the Blueprint of your personality. Curious about what yours are? Learn about it in our online workshop BaZi Life Coaching – character analysis).

Think this is interesting?

Would you like to learn more about the other elements in your birthcard? Would you like to know

  • How to communicate best with your partner, your children, family or your colleagues?
  • How to perform at your best at work?
  • What your most valuable talents are? What your pitfalls are? And how you can potentially grow the most?
  • How to get more balance in life?
  • Why is it that you are less in your flow than usual, that you want change in your life?
  • Who you have more affinity with?
  • How to you get out of your thoughts and worry less?

Check our online workshop ‘BaZi – Life-Coaching character analysis Module 1. After registration you can immediately start with this workshop. Click here for all the info about this life changing workshop.