Turn your home into a power place

Online basic workshop Feng Shui

Do you see yourself in this?

  • Relaxing at home is difficult.
  • You have certain rooms where you don’t feel comfortable or that you prefer to avoid;
  • When you are at home, you usually feel tired while you are clearly more energetic outdoors;
  • Few opportunities come your way;
  • You feel that you have to make a rather unreasonable effort to move forward in your life.

These are signals that your house is not energetically-balanced.

What would it be like if you:

  • Could be more relaxed at home?
  • Had spaces where you felt good?
  • Slept better?
  • Experienced more flow and progress in your life?
  • Had more energy?

Do you also long for this?

Then this basic workshop “Turn your home into a power place ” is exactly what you are looking for!

What are you going to learn?

  • How to create a supportive environment for more flow and energy.
  • How you can unwind faster at home.
  • How to create spaces where it is pleasant to stay.
  • How to furnish an ideal Feng Shui bedroom for better quality of sleeping.
  • Simple Feng Shui tips to decorate your home.

In short: you’ll learn in four simple steps how to turn your house into a power place where you can relax, recharge your batteries and from where you’ll experience more flow and opportunities in your life.


krachtplek feng shui interieur

workshop krachtplek An Sterken Feng Shui

How do others look back at this workshop?

  • I have just taken the first lessons and many pieces have already fallen into place.

  • An brings the theory so smoothly and in such a calm and self-confident way, incredible! Meanwhile she is also clearly thoroughly knowledgeable and the information she offers is also immediately applicable.

  • Even just half-way through Lesson 1, we already knew why we both felt less well in our house – Carine T.

  • It has become very clear to me why I have such a difficult year, physically and mentally, and why I continue to struggle while my energy levels are below minimum – Greet.

  • I am very happy with this online workshop because I have now set a deadline to clean up the basement and to get rid of all sorts of unnecessary junk – Viviane T.

  • Right now I am already squeezing Lesson 3 out, but Lesson 2 also contained a lot of insights. I actually find everything incredibly interesting. At the same time I also notice that I already feel, and bring to use, many things intuitively.

  • What was very new to me was the suggested openness in front of the house and the protection offered behind the house and backing it up. Also the negative effect of the dark entrance hall showed to be one of the reasons why my life had become so dark and difficult.

  • So, this is actually very interesting!

  • This is so beautiful, to-the-point and virtuous and yet so very down-to-earth too. Thank you very much for this fantastic introduction day !!! Gerda.

  • Very enlightening the way this has been taught. It becomes so clear why some things either succeed or dramatically fail.

“I have had more energy since I attended this workshop because of the small changes I have already made to my home.”



As soon as you want.

From the moment that you have registered and paid for this course, you will get access to this online self-study course.

How does it work?

  • You learn at your own pace from behind your PC, laptop or smartphone at a time that suits you best.
  • You get access to the workshop for six months: enough time to turn your home into a real power place!
  • Do you have any questions? Then you can post this on An’s Facebook Group.

This is how you can attend the course

  • at your own pace;
  • where you want it;
  • whenever you want it;

Would you like to start right away?

Your investment for this online workshop?

Your investment for this online workshop (in Dutch) is 147 €.

This includes:

  • a syllabus that you can download and print out yourself
  • four online lessons
  • six months access to the online workshop
  • 21% VAT

(For workshops in the English language, please contact us)

Would you like to participate and turn your home into a power place?

What do you need for this online workshop?

  • A floorplan of your current home on scale in A4 format (without a floor plan of your home it will be difficult to attend the course). (PS: A full plan for either new buildings or renovation projects is not worked out in this initiation workshop).
  • Your birth chart (click here to download it).
  • The direction your house is facing in degrees.
  • Here you can read how to do this: “Measure in three steps the direction the front of your house is facing.”
  • Writing material and a ruler.
  • A laptop, PC or smartphone.
  • Internet connection.
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