Are you planning to build your dream home? Or do you have major renovation plans? And do you want to build with Feng Shui?

Then we are happy to help you with Feng Shui advice and guidelines that you can take into account when either designing from scratch, or even simply renovating, your dream house or business.

gevel van een feng shui huis


  • You immediately know what the ideal layout is and how you can arrange your spaces in specific terms. Choosing materials and colors also becomes easier. And all this within your own taste and style!

  • Your house becomes a real home. Everyone feels good there.

  • You get a home that immediately feels “right” in terms of design, color and material use.

  • You will find more peace and relaxation there. You can fully charge your batteries and you experience more flow in your life.

What kind of advice can you expect from us?

  • What are the powerspots in the home to be renovated or newly built?

  • How do you tune the ideal basic layout to these powerspots (where is the best place for the seating area, dining area, master bedroom, children’s rooms, library, wellness, relaxation area, mancave, bathroom, kitchen, dressing, storage room, home office, other workspaces, practice spaces, etc ….)?

  • The ideal layout of the rooms, the ideal bed arrangements and office arrangements.

  • Feng Shui guidelines and checklists for the design and further working out of the spaces.

  • What colours and materials you can use per space according to the Five Elements.

  • How to create a supporting environment.

You and the (interior) architect can use these guidelines to draw up the floor plans.

“Everyone who enters our new house says “Wow”! They love being here. They often say: “There is something special here, but we don’t know what.” And of course we know better ;-).

You don’t see good Feng Shui, but you definitely feel it! “

Els & Arnold – Nijlen

uitleg feng shui advies door An Sterken

When is the best time for advice?

  • The earlier you get Feng Shui advice in this process, the better. Ideally, this should even be before you contact an (interior) architect or before he/she starts drawing up the plans.

  • We always come on site for an intake interview, the analysis and measurements of the building land and surrounding area with the Luo Pan (Feng Shui compass). Within four weeks after this visit you will receive the Feng Shui report that you and the (interior) architect can use to get started.

  • Ask your (interior) architect if he / she is open to Feng Shui. This makes the collaboration and progress of the project so much more pleasant and easier.

“I have to admit that I unwind faster and also and sleep better, since we live in our new home.”

Chris and Hedwig (who before this did not believe in Feng Shui at all) – Zottegem.

Would you also like to come home to a house where you really feel at home, where you can relax faster and which boosts you up? Would you like professional Feng Shui advice that you can take into account when building or renovating your dream house?

Then leave your details below and we will gladly send you the opportunities for collaboration.

(*) What do we understand by a renovation project?

For example, if you have bought an old home and you are thinking of changing the layout, knocking down walls, giving the kitchen a new place, rearranging the bedrooms, adding an extra space, etc., the Flowtastic New Home for renovation will be ideal for you.

Would you like to freshen up the house, repaint it, or do you want to place a new kitchen in the same place where it is now and does the layout remain the same?

Then, the Flowtastic Workspace consultation may be more what you are looking for.