Boost your Business

Business Alignment Session with BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia

Is this you?

  • You ask yourself what business suits you the best?
  • What your natural talents are?
  • What makes you happy and satisfied?
  • Where does your greatest growth potentials lie?
  • When are your wealth-years coming?
  • How can you prepare to make the best of these years?
  • How can you do marketing aligned with your birth-energy?

BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia gives you answers to this.


What is BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia?

BaZi (also called Four Pillars of Destiny) and Qi Men Dun Jia are Eastern methods of profile analysis and strategy. These tools show a blueprint of who you are, what your natural talents and strengths are, what your pitfalls and potential challenges might be, where your growth potential lies, what your best strategy and best way of doing marketing is to grow to the next level in your business. This is based on your date of birth.

Certain talents, strategies and ways of doing marketing feed you mentally and physically more than others, giving you more satisfaction and success. Once you know this, you know what to focus on and you can take specific steps to grow at all levels. 

What do you get out of a session?

A session gives you more clarity, direction, focus, a good planning and more peace of mind.

Depending on the questions you ask, you get answers to:

  • Where to focus on to grow easier and faster in your life and business;
  • Who your ideal customers are;
  • What gives you more satisfaction and energy from what you do;
  • You understand yourself and the others much better;
  • Your natural talents will be mapped out in no time, with no need for lengthy tests;
  • What kind of marketing suits you the best aligned to who you are;
  • What are the good timings and strategies to start your business, launch something, work on your business, to take a sabbatical, etc.
  • You get clear goals and focus points to make your business grow.

What customers say:

The advantages of a BaZi Analysis are that they offer a clear overview of your (core) qualities and (life) mission, the action plan and the step-by-step plan. Do you have any question or doubt about your life, about what your real (professional) goal is in this life, your (core) qualities and (life) mission? Contact An! Jenny Ost – Coach, trainer & organizer @ JenZen – Your Life Organized.

“The inspiring BaZi conversation brought clarity and gave a new perspective on our situation. It motivates us to continue our work, it refreshes and strengthens. It gave us more insight and overview into our work situation and plans for the future. “Tinne Cuyvers and Malic Zilyas, OHM Consultancy.

This gives you the chance to continue working with the perfect momentum and drive, both short-term and medium-term. My self-knowledge has increased, the confirmation of the use of my core talents, and the personal planning advice for the coming year are the strengths and benefits of BaZi. As an entrepreneur, confirmation can do well to focus further. Now I have a very clear focus.

It was lovely to talk to you and get your perspective and great advise. Thank you very much.
I’ve already done the activation in N2. And worked with the Qi Men Harmony. It’s amazing! Yesterday for the first time I was sitting with my back towards the East-Harmony for half an hour and I tell you, tears went out and great ideas came up. I am amazed! I am going to continue daily.
I will follow up with rest of the plan and actions you gave me re relationship, my work, website and posts. Many thanks for your help!
Sending you best wishes, Ewa – Architect (Dublin)

Your investment?

Your investment for a Business Alignment session is 397€ (excl. VAT)

(250€ for existing clients who had a BaZi consultation before).

This includes my preparation, a one hour 1-on-1 Zoom call and the Zoom-recording that will be mailed to you after the session.

(After payment you get direct access to my online calendar where you can book your session. Check your (spam)mailbox to get the link.)

The accuracy of this analysis about who I am, my strengths and pitfalls, what my ideal job is, who my ideal customer is and the specific tips on how I can best further expand my business, absolutely exceeded my expectations. Sharon Van Dousselaere – Business Psychologist, Personal Coach, Career Counselor 

Clarity, the pieces of the puzzle that fall into place, direction, confirmation, calmness, and therefore: space and creativity.” Sarah Van Uytsel