Why Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs and Tony Robbins are so successful at what they do.

And where your greatest value lies to be successful

Why are some people so successful? How do they change the world in their own way with their ‘thing’? Just like Steve Jobs with Apple, Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and inspirational speaker Tony Robbins who inspires and motivates thousands of people.

The answer? They do what they are really good at, what they are born for. They use their natural talents and don’t deviate from them – no matter what others tell them to do. Their birth charts confirm it one by one.

In this blog I would like to share with you where their value lies. And where your value lies to grow and be really successful.

Take your BaZi birth-chart by the hand. Look at the abbreviation that you find in your birth month at the top (you don’t look at the other abbreviations).

The Five Values

The abbreviation shows where your value lies and how you can grow as an entrepreneur:

1. Connection

F or RW: Do you have F or RW in your month? Then connection is the keyword for you. Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook is a good example of this. He has RW in his month. Connections are important to him. He also created Facebook, a popular tool of connecting with many people at the same time. Do you have RW or F in your month? Then create interaction with your customers, a community, a tribe, a feeling of ‘us’. Make them feel connected to you and to your other customers. Your community makes you grow.

2. Status and luxury

IW or DW: Do you have IW or DW in your month? Then, by purchasing your product or service, your customers will feel more empowered, have more self-confidence and increase their status. Your product or service may therefore radiate a bit of luxury and exclusivity. Just think of the appearance of certain luxury brands of watches, clothing brands or handbags. Does anyone wear a specific watch? Then this radiates a certain status. Do you have IW or DW? Then think about what the value is if your customer starts working with you. Sell the value.

3. Security and safety

DO or 7K: as soon as customers use your service, they feel safe and good. Security and safety are the keywords. Just think of an alarm system that makes your customer feel safe. For example, in my birth chart, 7K is my month. Last week a customer asked to make her planning for the coming period together with her, based on her birth chart. She literally said: ‘My sister has taken courses with you and could probably do this for me too. But if you do it, at least I’m sure it’s right and correct.” So this client feels confident after working with me. Do you have DO and 7K? Then security and safety are your keywords.

4. Innovation and renewal

EG or HO: Do you have EG or HO in your month? Then  innovation and renewal  are the keywords. Steve Jobs of Apple is the prime example of this. He innovated the PC landscape worldwide. Do you have EG or HO? What can you innovate in your business that will change the landscape in your sector? How can you innovate what you do? Think about it.

5. Sharing information and knowledge

DR or IR: If you have DR or IR in your month, your motivation is to give and sell information and knowledge so that people feel better and get better. A good example of this is Tony Robbins. He is an inspirational speaker who gives seminars worldwide in which he inspires and motivates thousands of people to move forward and take steps they never dared to take before (ranging from walking over hot coals to taking up high level business). Do you have DR or IR? What knowledge can you share with your customers so that they grow and become better?

Do you find this interesting?

Think about this and let your birth chart inspire you.
How does your customer’s life get better when they start working with you?
How can you integrate this into your businessmodel and communication?

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