Tears during a consultation

Why it’s better to ask Feng Shui advice before you buy an apartment or a house

Last week I was still in London for a fantastic Qi Men Dun Jia training for Feng Shui and strategical implementation. With this technique I can from a distance – thus without actually seeing the house or edifice – assess whether the house has a good Feng Shui or not, where the main problem lies, if it can be solved and if the house supports you or not. And all of that from behind my desk! Fantastic and tremendously time-saving when helping clients with their search for the right house. Once the house is bought, personalised Feng Shui advice will obviously still be necesarry to adjust the house to its new propietors and their goals.


However, even though Feng Shui is amazing and I consider myself as very solution-oriented, I cannot help everybody as much as I would. This week I have been with an elderly couple. Next week they are moving in to a new flat and asked for Feng Shui advice so as to decorate their home as good as possible. Both of them in their seventies and still in love. Wonderful to see them together: cuddling, laughing, making jokes and giving each other kisses. However, the man has started suffering of late of Alzheimer’s.


This became clear when his BaZi-birthchart and the Feng Shui of the flat was analyzed: in his BaZi-birthchart the disease was clearly visible and also the flat showed the same story: no support regarding the man’s health, a corner of another building facing his position in the flat which overloads his head and brains… The only bedroom suitable as such is actually the one which receives the Sha. There was no other bedroom. In short: not good at all.

Sha Chi

During the Feng Shui analysis I was constantly thinking: how am I to tell these people? My first sentence was: “Can I speak up? May a be honest?” The woman answered: “An, you have to be honest, I know what you are about to say.” What I told her didn’t surprise her at all. She told me that she had already been worried about that corner. Intuitively she felt that that was not good at all and this was now confirmed. Her husband really wanted this flat. His words when he first came in to the flat were: “I will at last find rest here.”


Of course, there were also good Feng Shui aspects about the flat: the woman gets full support and gets help from others. The income hall, the centre and the living-space are the best areas of the house. Using these areas a lot is thus favourable and brings more balance. From the flat they look out on beautiful trees – Yang Wood, hence – just the element the man needs to find more balance and rest. I gave advice to lessen the Sha from the outside too, so as to slow down the deterioration, the position of their bed was changed to support his health.

It’s ment to be

Feng Shui advice was given on how to maintain the woman’s strength when helping her husband and to attract the right people who can support and help her. Her BaZi-birthchart showed that she is his supporting strength and “Noble Man”. As if they had been made for each other. “It’s ment to be.”

Tears in the eyes

When the men went to the bathroom for a moment, the woman told me with tears in her eyes: “I will not have him by my side for a long time anymore or will I?” Tears welled up in my eyes… She was right, his birthchart and the flat confirmed this story. The only thing I could say was: “Enjoy every day you are together, enjoy. And know you will not be alone facing it all.” I couldn’t suppress my tears anymore and we hugged and comforted each other. Truly an intense moment.

Feng Shui is really accurate 

When I drove back home. I had mixed feelings. Once again I felt astonished by how a Feng Shui analysis can be so precise. At the same time I also felt deeply touched by this story and I was happy that at least I could have helped these people a bit by maximizing their flat’s potential. And yet I felt helpless. I actually want to help everybody. And most of the times I succeed in ameliorating people’s lives with Feng Shui. But this consultation was different.

Still it is valuable 

The husband’s health would not improve. The only thing I could do was to re-do their flat in such a way so that they could still enjoy a beautiful and intense time together and that he could find his much needed rest.

I am about to burst out in tears while I am writing this blog. This touches me deeply. The woman send me a short message today: “I would like to express my deepest gratitude towards you for your tremendous help to make our flat a real home.” It’s very nice to hear I have been able to help them in a way.

Invest wisely 

The biggest advice I would like to give you is: when you are looking for a new home, look if the exterior environment is supporting or not. The outside determines already a 70% of the Feng Shui!

Also look if there is enough support at the back and the sides of the building.

Go for a squared or a rectangular house – no other shapes.

Always avoid Sha Chi (corners, pylons, a road coming straight at your house, and so on). In the case of this flat, little could be done about the less supporting surrounding.

Invest wisely and study the feng shui of the surroundings or ask for advice BEFORE you buy your new home. Painting the walls with the right Feng Shui colour is purely the finishing-touch and will not correct a non-supporting surrounding…

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